As part of general legal practice, I provide services mainly in the following areas.

Civil law

In the field of civil law we provide legal services mainly in the form of preparing or commenting contracts, providing general legal advice, in the field of establishment and administration of associations and other legal entities, in the field of housing co-ownership, in the field of damages (property and non-property), etc. We have many years of experience in the field of real estate law (contracts on real estate transfers, settlement of co-ownership of real estate, owner's declaration on division of ownership of real estate into ownership of units, service contracts, contracts for renting an apartment, contracts for renting business premises, agricultural and other leases contracts, etc.).

Labour law

In the field of labour law, we provide legal services especially in the field of general employment law counselling, preparation of various legal documentation (employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship, internal regulations of the employer, documentation concerning the use of company cars, etc.), damages for work accidents or occupational diseases, etc. We are also experienced in the field of labour disputes, both in representing employees and employers.

Business law

In the field of commercial law, we provide legal services relating to commercial contracts, general legal advice and commercial disputes, as well as legal services relating to corporate law, especially the law of companies and cooperatives. We also have experience with the agenda of company’s transformations (especially mergers) and acquisitions, as well as with the area of so-called compliance (e.g. competition, personal data protection, anti-money laundering measures / AML / etc.). We also regularly assert and recover various trade receivables for our clients (in civil court proceedings, arbitration proceedings, applications for insolvency proceedings, etc.).

Criminal law

In the field of criminal law, we mainly provide services in the form of defence in criminal proceedings, or in the form of representing the injured parties within exercise of their claims for damages in the adhesion proceedings. We have practical experience with the specifics of juvenile defence according to Act No. 218/2003 Coll. on the responsibility of young people for illegal acts and on juvenile justice and on the amendment of certain laws (the Juvenile Justice Act).

In the area of criminal proceedings, we also deal with the ex officio agenda, i.e. the performance of the necessary defence in cases where a lawyer is appointed by the court to the accused.

Administrative law

In the field of administrative law, we have experience mainly with legal advisory and representation of clients in administrative proceedings conducted for various violations of legislation in the field of consumer protection law, personal data protection, hygiene law, food law, etc.

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