Remuneration for provided legal services is usually determined by agreement between the attorney and the client, especially taking into account the professional and time-consuming nature of the service provided, or taking into account whether it is necessary to communicate in a foreign language, etc. within the provided legal service.

By agreement, the remuneration may be agreed as a so-called time remuneration (determined by a number of hours spent within the provision of legal services and the agreed hourly rate), or as a total fee for a specific legal service or package of services. Exceptionally, remuneration may be negotiated depending on success in a particular legal matter. In the case of clients who regularly use legal services, the remuneration may also be agreed as a flat-rate remuneration (e.g. a specific agreed lump sum for a monthly period).

If the remuneration is agreed as a time remuneration, the client will always be provided with an accurate overview of hours for each billing of legal services with a description of specific legal services provided.

If the remuneration is not determined by agreement, it is determined in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll. on attorney’s fees (Attorney’s Tariff), as amended.

With regard to the fact that JUDr. Vlasta Víghová is a VAT payer, the relevant value added tax (currently at a rate of 21%) is also charged for remuneration for legal services.